Reliable Wrongful Termination Lawyer Defends Your Position

At the Law Offices of David Stein in New York, we are waiting to help. We can review the evidence you present to determine whether or not you’ve been unfairly or illegally terminated from your position.

Understanding how wrongful termination works

The majority of employees are hired at-will, which means that both employees and employers can end the working relationship without liability. But there are a number of reasons why you cannot be fired, and those reasons are protected by state and federal law:

  • Your sex
  • Your race
  • Your age
  • Your disability status
  • Your immigration status
  • Your religion
  • Your genetic information, including family medical history
  • Your national origin
  • For whistleblowing
  • For refusing to take part in illegal activities
  • For engaging in concerted activity with other employees
  • For exercising your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • As retaliation for your exercise of your rights

Federal government employees may have additional rights under the federal civil service system that is administered by the Merit Systems Protection Board.

In New York workplace discrimination may need to be addressed by qualified legal counsel. Stein Discrimination Lawyers have years of experience helping victims of wrongful termination get the justice they seek.

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