Reliable Labor Lawyer Defends Whistleblower Rights

Many people are frightened of alerting authorities to illegal activities because they fear retaliation. We understand how you feel. Stein Discrimination Lawyers has been helping heroes expose fraud and malicious activities conducted by their employers for years.

Understanding how whistleblowing works

whistleblower is a person who informs the public, a law enforcement agency, or sometimes his own employer about unethical or fraudulent activities performed by another person or entity. You can file a suit through the government or private litigation.

If you believe you’ve uncovered evidence of fraud or unethical behavior on behalf of your employer, you may want to speak to an employment discrimination attorney in Houston. Stein Discrimination Lawyers can examine the evidence you present and discuss your options for going forward.

How we handle whistleblowing cases

Should we decide that you have a legitimate case for whistleblowing, we may take the following steps:

  • Document preparation. We take care of both the preparatory work and the final submissions to ensure that your case doesn’t get thrown out before it even makes it to a judge.
  • Offers of protection. You might not hear many people offering you their protective services, be we preserve your anonymity right up until the reward is offered.
  • Rewards. Just in case performing your civic duty above and beyond the call of duty isn’t enough, most successful whistleblowers are rewarded financially. We work hard to maximize the rewards you get for coming clean about dirty business practices.

We’re dedicated to helping people do the right thing, even if the right thing is hard. Our attorneys help you decide on a course of action that keeps you safe and secure.

We’re accessible to you when you need us

Whistleblowers perform an honorable service for everyone. We want to see that service come to fruition. To make an appointment for a free consultation, contact the Law Offices of David Stein at 646-820-2244 or  We keep flexible office hours for your convenience.