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Even today, issues surrounding gender can cause serious difficulties in the workplace. And if you’re a victim of gender discrimination, you may need an employment lawyer who treats you with dignity.

Stein Discrimination Lawyers respect the choices people make about their own identity. He believes that all people – regardless of their gender – should be treated equally.

The many facets of gender discrimination

On average men may make more money in the workplace than women who perform the same job, but they also suffer from gender discrimination. This is prohibited under the law. A gender discrimination suit may be filed for:

  • Unequal pay
  • Unequal hiring/firing practices
  • Unequal advancement opportunities
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Paternity leave
  • Long-term disability benefits
  • Offensive language

Stein Discrimination Lawyers have has spent years helping men and women who have been victims of discriminatory practices because of their sex and gender.

What we can do to help

If you’ve been the victim of gender discrimination, you may want to seek the services of an experienced gender discrimination lawyer.   The Law Office of David Stein can provide the following services to help your case:

  • Contract review. We review your contract to ensure you’re not being denied time off for a discriminatory reason.
  • Evidence gathering. Oftentimes your coworkers notice discrimination, but are too afraid to come forth on your behalf. We conduct safe and secure interviews with the people in your workplace to develop a case against your employer.
  • Collecting documentation. Every employee leaves a paper trail, so to speak. Your past employment reviews and your employee handbook may provide the evidence we need to help you prove your case.

Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients are valued as people regardless of their gender. We put in the legwork required to help you build a case against a discriminatory employer.

Reach out to an accessible New York employment discrimination lawyer

At the Law Offices of David Stein, we know that you can’t perform at your best when you’re being discriminated against because of your sex or gender. We work hard to ensure our clients are treated with propriety. To make an appointment for a free consultation, contact our firm by phone at 646-820-2244 or davidsteinesq@gmail.com.